Unlock Your Power with…

HYPNO Energy Drink


Its more than Power


All the power you need to achieve that extra mile in every aspect in hectic schedule of life

Just the Best

Quality & Satisfaction

Excellent Quality & reasonably priced – HYPNO Energy Drink has already established its name in Asia, America, Europe and Africa

Customised Packaging

Available in 250ml cans and can also be provided in 500ml cans on special requests with minium quantity requirement

International Taste

Produced in Turkey & exported globally due to its superb Taste, Colour & Quality at par with the leading brands worldwide

Expending Network

We welcome distribution enquiries from different countries. Sample cans & cases can be organised for interesting companies.


Quality Ingredients

HYPNO Energy Drink gets its rich taste and colour from these quality ingredients

Water, Sugar or glucose / fructose syrup, Carbon dioxide, Acidity regulator; Citric acid and Sodium citrate, Flavorings, Colourant; Caramel, Riboflavin, Sweeteners; Aspartame, Acesulfam K, Sodium Saccarine And Sodium Cyclamate, Caffeine (max 150 mg/l), Taurine, Inositol, Glucuronolactone, Preservatives; Potassium sorbate and Sodium benzoate, Vitamin B9, B12, contain Sugar and Sweetener, Contain phenylalanine.

Hypno Energy Drink

HYPNO Energy Drink is produced by Baran Foods, Istanbul Turkey. Our group of companies has been trading, import & exporting textiles for past twenty years. We started diversifying in manufacturing of Apparels in 2004 and opened our food chain division in 2009. We further diversified in real estate development in the year 2011.


Our Chairman of the group of companies is managing the group with his hard work and dynamic vision. His mission is to prove best of the services and products to its clients with utmost satisfaction. General Manager and Executive Director of the group is well equipped with the knowledge and experience of International business. He has long diversified practical experience of three decades in international business operators.


The group’s slogan , “Quality & Satisfaction” is being taught and practiced by every member of the company. Group’s head office is located in the Kagithane municipality of Istanbul city, Turkey.

Distributor Enquiries

We welcome you to be part of HYPNO Energy Drink management and distribution partner in your country.

We offer one channel of distribution in any one country.

The quality is “AAA” grade in taste. Design of the can is just fascinating.

One case/carton have 24 cans of 250ml each.

One 20′ container consists of 3200 cases of HYPNO energy drink.

Shipment time about 25-30 days from the date of receipt of advance amount of 60% and balance of 40% to be settled before shipment of the goods.

The expiry date of product is about 20 months at the time of shipment

Sample cans as well as the sample case are free of any cost but the courier charge must be on the consignee, courier account details are to be provided by the customer to arrange the samples.